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Jessica Goetz source icon for review

Published Sep 13 2018

My family is a dog family and we gather at my house. The dogs seemed to have a peeing match in my basement a few weeks ago and we tried everything to get the smell out and couldn't. This company came and answered all of my questions and fixed the carpet! It smells amazing and we will be repeat customers for life!

Christine Roberts source icon for review

Published Sep 11 2018

Cleaned my carpets and living room couch. Thank you did a great job! Great price too!

Alicita Rodriguez source icon for review

Published Jul 31 2018

Chem-Dry was fantastic. They answered my questions promptly and provided professional service. Derrick was super nice and courteous. Most importantly, the solution they use does not stink. Despite the company name, they are a great choice for people who want/need a green cleaning option. We had them do our upholstered furniture, and my husband, who is super sensitive to any toxic chemicals, was fine with it. It smells a little as they apply the solution but clears up very quickly. And my furniture looks new—no couch stains from the kid and none from the dog rubbing on the couch. I wish I had used them for our drapes. The dry cleaning we used instead really bothered my husband—the curtains have been airing out for 3 days outside and they still bother him. I will use them again for our wool rugs for sure.

morning1 source icon for review

Published Jul 19 2012

Used this company for several years, they have always done a great job. Several of my friends and family also use them, very honest and hardworking!

morning1 source icon for review

Published Jul 19 2012

LOVE Chem-Dry! My carpets always look great and everything dries so fast! My mother, sisters and friends all use Fresh Start Chem-Dry as well! Honest, hard working company!

Vicki Edwards-Moore source icon for review

Published Apr 03 2018

Easy to schedule, carpet cleaner was professional and on time, and my carpets look great!


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